First United Methodist Church of Mount Holly
Monday, December 10, 2018
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Down-to-Earth Obedience 12-17-17

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Sometimes we do what we're told; sometimes we don't. Sometimes we feel justified in our disobedience; sometimes we are not justified in our disobedience. After Pastor Donald shares a story of regret he had after being obedient to directives he had been given, he shows us how we will never find ourselves regretful when we are obedient to God. God's directives are ones we can always say a confident yes to when they are given, even if we may be hesitant to obey them upon hearing what that obedience entails. Like the prophet Isaiah who's acting upon God's directives had profound implications for others, what big 'yes' might God might be calling us to make that would have a profound impact on the people around us in our world today?